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Tips to be Sexy: Weird (But True) Rules of Attraction

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Who doesn’t want to look drop-dead gorgeous on their date? It's important to look chic from head to toe to be seductive. Here are surprising and effective ways to attract.

Red Dress

Yes, red is the color of love which attracts many guys. A bit of crimson color has the ability to bring out the lusty trait of men. One study found that 56% of the men ask out a woman in the red dress as compared to white color dress. The color was used as early as 10,000 B.C.as lipstick and blush to create the red flush we get when we're turned on. Wear a red dress to attract your man.

Say no to Red

When it comes to lips avoid red color. One study found that men like neutral or soft pink color lipstick. Pick up the shades of pink to look attractive. Choose according to your skin tone.


A smile is the most attractive feature. A smile shows that the person is frank and easy going and also shows their extrovert behave is way too much attractive.

Shiny Hair


Shiny and soft hair add to the appearance and make a woman more seductive. To achieve the angel look try these tips: Apply conditioner before shampoo and them shampoo. It’ll give a bouncy look to your hair. Then rough dry your hair by raking your fingers through it. When you think your hair dried up then apply hair dryer for 3 mins. When it get cent percent dry then apply shine spray all over your head.

Choose the Right Perfume

It’s very important to smell good. Sexiest perfume notes are lush flowers, vanilla and amber, and powdery notes.

Animate your Face

Blinking, nodding and shaking your head makes a woman attractive. It may sound weird but it's true. A study found that a woman is high face motion can attract more men as it shows that you’re extrovert and that’s considered sexy.

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