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7 ways to control your Temper when you're mad at someone

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We all land into some argument somehow. And what makes the situation worst our mad head and evil tongue. Sometimes we say things we know we’ll regret later. In some situations, this habit of getting mad also destroys the bond which took to years to create. These hormones have the tendency to make the situation worst. But there are other ways to remain calm and composed even in the harsh situation.

Here are 7 ways to control your temper when you’re mad at someone:

Deep Breath

Whenever there’s a fight, stop using tongue and take a deep breathe which makes the parasympathetic nervous system work to keep you calm. This prevents us from responding. A long breath makes you calm and it becomes easier to think and behave appropriately.


Most of the fights are due to misunderstanding. People don’t listen to understand they listen to respond. Don’t be the one amongst them. It's important to hear before speaking. Try to hear others opinion it's very important to find a solution.

Be honest

If you want to play safe then be honest and sincere. It may make them angry for a moment but later they’ll realize at least you didn’t lie.

Don’t yell

Try to maintain a low voice to show you respect them and their opinion. Don’t yell, it worsens the situation. Keep your behave calmly to prevent the more disastrous situation.

Maintain your own Perspective

Don’t lose yourself and  Don’t agree with whatever they say. Keep your point and let them what do you think about it. First, listen to them and then speak.

Don’t accept Manipulation

Manipulative people act like a victim and remain passive aggressive. They try to win the situation by showing them as a victim. But never accept that behavior as it is equal to emotional abuse. End the struggle as such people never accept their mistakes.

Agree to Disagree

Sometimes the clever way to end a conversation is to agree but don’t become habitual to it. That’ll feed them with the habit of never accepting their mistakes. It's not always possible to agree so in that situation try to detach yourself from the person for a short time and find a solution.

No one can keep the situation under control all alone as we don’t know the other person will react. But try to keep your behave as calm as possible.

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