Whenever people in our community catch a sight of drunk girl they think either she’s characterless or asking for it whereas drinking defines the masculinity of a man. Society has a fixed stereotype for girls. Short dress, drinking alcohol and partying at night are available sign boards for men. In almost every part of the world drinking for a woman is considered as taboo.

We all have heard or read zillion cases about ‘A drunk woman raped by a man.’ But guess what there are other ways to tackle a drunk woman rather than considering her dizziness a sign for sex.

If she has consumed alcohol and you feel she is out of senses better to drop her home because running fingers on her body don’t make you more masculine. If she’s a stranger to you then try to find her friend with whom she came to the party or bar till then be protective and don’t let her imbibe more pitchers of alcohol. If she is throwing herself at you don’t think she wants to sleep with you as she herself isn’t alive to what she is doing.

"Women should not get drunk with a man” Why? So you think women should fear men even when both of them are two pillars of same society? Man can do whatever they want, dress however they like, and go wherever they want but women can't? How can you not see the unfairness when it's so obvious!

Don’t presume anything and accept the reality that she’s drunk just like you that’s no green light for you. Stop devouring one's character on the basis of gender and venues. A woman is not an opportunity she is a responsibility. There's no hidden Mystery except the lesson to learn REAL MAN DON’T RAPE.