Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love is when you accept the someone they way they’re irrespective of their flaws. When you appreciate their pity efforts. It's an understanding between two. Overall, It's paradise.

We’ll help you out with some tips to make your beloved happy. Here we go.

Hold her hand while crossing the road: holding her hand while crossing road will show your caring behave. And that’s girls want, a loving and caring guy. 

Pay attention to her likes and dislikes: It's important to pay attention towards her likes and dislikes and accept the fact she can have different choices.

Listen to all her problems: In a relationship, one needs to be a good listen. Don’t listen to revert but to understand. Listen to her ordeals and give her suggestions if she asks.

Be Romantic: Plan picnic or something which makes her enthusiastic like a bicycle ride or a long drive.

If she is not well, take care of her: If you love someone then their wellness and suffering bother us. Show her how much love her and how much you’re afraid to lose her. Take care of her, be it taking her to doctor or asking her whether she is taking medicines on time or not.

Make her feel safe: If someone wrong is happening to her, stand against it. Behave like the shield. Make her realize ‘No matter what you’re always there for her.’

Plan an outdoor Photoshoot just for her: Girls like to click pictures. Organising an outdoor photoshoot will let her get more comfortable with you.

Organise a surprise trip: Spending time with someone you love increases the density of bond and help in making better communication. Organise a trip, select a place she loves.

Try to cook something: Try your hands in the kitchen to make her feel special. Or do hug her from the back when she’s cooking for you. Help her with kitchen work.

Be the one who understands her: Be the one who accepts her past and tries to understand her. Be the one whom she can trust.

These small acts make girls happy. Put your best efforts possible. :)

* Forehead Kiss is the most Caring gesture. *