These are animals who have their own way to communicate with humans. Taking animals really look cute and their way of communicating is amazing and sometimes hilarious.


Julian is a raven which was found by a hiker in Vernon, Connecticut, when he was less than one year old. During that time he was suffering from broken, infected wing for his treatment he was sent to rehabilitation center Horizon Wings. Since then he is living there. He can’t fly anymore but doesn’t seem to lower down his confidence. By listening to the people who came to visit him and took care of him. He learned several words and phrases.


Wikie is an orca also known as a killer whale. She lives at Marineland of Antibes in France. The scientists were studying wikie if she could imitate human speech and they were surprised to know that she did. Wekie can speak words like, “Hello” “Bye-Bye”, “Amy” (Which is his holder’s name). When she talks it doesn’t sound like the human voice but one can easily make out what is she saying. Scientist concluded that animals are very smart as they can copy human speech.


Koshik is an amazing elephant who is 22 years old and lives in the Everland Zoo in South Korea. This elephant has left many visitors astonished as he has the ability to talk. Whenever Koshik doesn’t use his mouth to speak, rather speak he puts his trunk in his mouth to imitate the human voice. He just can’t match human but can also match pith and timber of conversation which means he can speak from low to high any tone. The only language he knows is Korean.


Rock is an orangutan who lives at Indianapolis Zoo and was the part of a research in 2012. In which he was under observation if he could copy the different tones and pitches researchers made. Surprisingly, he learned vocal sounds and even matched the pitch of the person speaking. If someone spoke to him the low voice he replies in low voice.

Bengal Cats

Mango is a Bengal cat who listens carefully respond. Mango loves to give kisses not only to his dad but also to everyone he meets. The cat is very adorable. He is a lover of traveling and has flown to almost every part of the world. He even has his own off-road stroller for sightseeing in comfort.