remove these kind of toxic people from your life

Remove These Kind Of Toxic People From Your Life

We meet a lot of people in our life some stay some walk away and few suck our energy. Yes, I’m talking about all the toxic people who are spreading negativity in your life. We can’t completely isolate from our surroundings but at least we can avoid all the negative people. Living with negative people and expecting positive things to happen is like asking a Lion to avoid his prey. ‘Letting toxic people go isn’t cruelty, it's an act of self-care.’ well quoted by someone.

Here are 5 kinds of Toxic people you should actually avoid:

Those who Kill your time

There are many family members and friends who soak your time like a sponge. Friendship works on a give and takes principle. It's not always materialistic but if one can’t provide you the affectionate support then there’s no point in being around them. They’ll soak up all the positivity and may leave you dejected.

I understand it's nearly impossible to avoid relatives but you can keep your phone off for particular hours. Invest that time in yourself. We all should spend some alone time.

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person.” well reminded by Oscar Wilde.

Those who love to put you down frequently

There’s nothing bad in criticism as we all do mistakes and someone should be there to remind us but if someone is blaming you constantly then it's time to walk out. Criticism descends the self-confidence and isn’t constructive in any way.

Either be straightforward and tell them that this criticism has a negative impact on you or drop a hint that their behavior may grow you apart.

Those who play Victim cards

Those who are experts in the blame game. People who never confess or realize their mistake and always blame others or their upbringing are really injurious to health. Stay away from such people as they may drag you in their blame game.

Short-tempered People

Those who lose their mind in pity situations and drain your energy are another kind of people you should be beware of. We all get feel anger but frequent outburst are frustrating. Ignore people who get angry about silly things. There’s no point in being their friend.


When you want to share something your friends do promise they’ll keep it a secret but not all do the same. Few liars end up spreading the confidential talk. In a friendship trust and honesty is the backbone.

Better to cut off from such people. “Lying is done with words, and also with silence.” well quoted by Adrienne Rich.

We all have our own ordeals to deal with better to stay away from such people to increase the problems in your life.

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