Today the biggest concern for mankind is its degrading environment. We all must have heard the big debate on climate change, global warming and many more. Although, a very small set of people wants to live in denial and claim these concerns to be a mere hoax. Well, scientific data says otherwise. It has been noted that the last 10 years have been the hottest on this planet. The melting icebergs and degrading animal lives in these polar regions paints a totally different picture. So, what as a common human being one can do to contribute towards the environment  The leading cause of all these worries and debates is pollution, which comes from almost every work in our day to day life. As a citizen of earth, we all must try our best to take measures to keep our environment clean and green. One such small step is to reduce the use of paper in our day-to-day life.

Go Digital, Go Green: Hack to Reduce Paper Use in Office

We all know how much mess, the papers in the office can create, still, we keep dependent on them to keep the old age tradition going. But, a little bit of effort can help you reduce the use of paper in your office around. I will discuss those ways below. Go through them to contribute towards the pledge of a better environment.

Use Digital Memos and Notes on Your Desktop

We all have the habit of putting a ton of sticky notes on our desk, reminding us what all tasks need to be done. These can be done in a better way by using the digital sticky notes on your computer. It saves you the trouble of using that sticky mess, and also you are reducing the paper use.

Use a Soft Copy of Documents for Your Personal Use

Printing everything from your daily routine to an article you wanted to read. It all leads to a lot of paper wastage. Unless it is necessary, avoid using paper in any form. You can create separate pages on docs, or download the PDF version of the file to have an easy read. It will help you in your eyes too, with no brightness issues.

Use Formal Emails for Official Works

Instead of using formal letters, a formal Email will do just the same, with better connectivity options. With an email, you are assured of direct exchange of messages and you are able to put your thoughts more clearly.

These very small steps of reducing paper wastage and use can contribute towards the bigger goal of a cleaner and greener environment. Make sure to apply these small but effective changes in your daily lifestyle and we can hope to provide a better place to live for future generations to come.