10 things you should be prepared with while going on a date

10 Things You Should Be Prepared With While Going On A Date

Dating is a Serious Business. So, here are some Tips for beautiful ladies and Girls Who Really Want their Date to be Quintessential. Firstly, remember he’ll be Nervous too.

  1. As we all know the first impression is the last impression. So, I would suggest you to never overdo. Don’t show what you ain’t. Don’t let the guy know you dressed up for him. Dressing so much gives a hint that you’re super interested or super available.
  2. Don’t be on time. It may sound crazy but yes waiting makes the guy curious. Reaching on time shows as if you’re too much enthusiastic about the date.
  3. If you think you’re being nice by letting the guy decide the date place then let me tell you don’t do that, find a place which is compatible and known to you. So that you feel comfortable. Keep it away from Saturday pubs as bumping into your friends may distract you from your date.
  4. Be confident and don’t be shy but that doesn’t mean doing all the talking. Decide few topics beforehand so that the conversation doesn’t become boring. Listen to what he says that would show you’re interested in what he is talking about.
  5. Avoid talking about ‘ex’ and if he asks, keep your answers short. Aware him that his past is history and you don’t want to squander time on knowing her.
  6. Do offer to pay. Tell him to pay next time. Insist him but don’t be forceful.
  7. Don’t use your mobile on a date or better to keep it silent.
  8. Don’t kiss or sleep with him on the first date as guys like to play it hard. If you felt magical give him a kiss on the cheek while leaving but nothing more.
  9. If you don't want to see him again tell him “I had a great night tonight.” Don’t give false hope.
  10. Try to follow these tips correctly and be yourself. Take a deep breath and enjoy your date. All the best.
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