phone : a necessity or a status symbol?

Phone : A Necessity Or A Status Symbol?

We all know how crucial role phone plays in our life. One can find anything on the phone if it has access to the internet. You can notice people around you and see everyone has a phone if they can afford it.

These days Mobile has become luxury more than a necessity. In the market, you can get the phone of any range. Few people opt for better features but to many people, it is a status symbol. Apple launches a new iPhone with minimal changes and increases in amount and still, people buy it.

Neeta Ambani

Companies have become so competitive to rule market that within 2-3 months they release a new phone and people go bananas. Buying a costly phone has become a competition. Apple and one plus are status symbol setter.

Luxury Phone

Earlier when this technology was new in the market they were bulky and some needed base connection. Eventually, the technology improved and now we’ve so many options variety of mobile phone available in the market of every range and everyone judge people on the basis of which company’s phone they are using. The one moving around with an iPhone in his hand is considered as a rich man. Yes, these brands have fixed the status of people in our head. And That’s pretty obvious as living in a society where objects are a status symbol can’t make you any different. Everyone is busy competing which is actually giving profits to these companies.

Few people are really fond of devices and squander money on mobile phones but the majority of our country is the middle class and these people going insane may affect their financial condition. To make profits online shopping sites easily provide EMI on these products which encourages people to waste money on these technologies. Invest this money on yourself as these days all smartphones have almost the same features.

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