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How To Connect HP Printer With Wifi?

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Connect HP Printer- printers have become more of a necessity than an option. Millions of people across the globe use these printer machines to get a hard copy of their important files and documents. People from different age groups use it for different needs, office goers need it for their official work, college students use it for taking out important notes and projects while school going kids need it for their homework. With modernization and advancement in printing technologies, these machines have become much easier to operate for a common layman without any technical background. These machines have become more affordable too.

Connect HP Printer to Wifi

One of the trusted brands HP also produces some of the finest printer machines for the different user base. One common query among the user base is related to connecting your HP printer to your home network. In this article, I will discuss that method both manually and automatically. By following these methods even you can configure it yourself.

Configure your HP printer with your home network

Having a wireless printer helps you to give printing commands from various devices, without having to connect each one separately. In order to configure your HP printer to your home network make sure you have the software CD. In case you do not have a software CD, do not worry as I will discuss the method to download all related software for your printer. So follow the steps carefully.

Download & Install Printer Drivers

If you have the software CD which you got along with your printer then insert it in the CD-ROM on your computer and install all the necessary printer driver and software on your computer. In case you do not have the CD, follow the instruction below.

  1. Open your web browser and go to the official website for your HP printer.

  2. On the main page, click on Printer Software & Driver download. On the Downloads page, enter the name of your printer and the model number.

  3. A page with all the available updated driver will open, download all the drivers and software of your need.

  4. Install them on your computer.

Automatic Connection

If you are using a modern router, chances are you would have WPS services enabled on it. Connect your HP printer to a power source. Switch it on, then press the WPS button at the back of your router as well as HP printer simultaneously. If the services are working fine, your printer will get connected to your home network.

Manual Configuration

If the WPS configuration is not available you can add your HP printer manually to your home network too. Let us see how that can be done.

  1. Click on the Start Menu, or else type ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar to go to the main page of Control Panel.

  2. On the Control panel main page, click on ‘Add a Printer/Hardware device’.

  3. Your computer will search for all available nearby device, make sure your printer is connected to a constant power source.

  4. A list of devices will be given in front of you, click on the name of your device from the list to start the installation.

  5. A Windows-based setup page to install your printer device will open up, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the configuration process.

  6. From your printer screen, go to the Wifi menu, and click on the name of your home network from the given list.

  7. You need to enter the wifi password when the pop-up screen appears. Now your printer is connected to your home network and you can give print commands from any device connected to your network.

These are some of the methods you need to follow in order to connect and configure your wireless HP printer to your wifi.

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