Social networking platform Facebook is currently working on a device with face detection features. The device is said to be designed for its very famous chat platform messenger. If reports are to be believed Facebook will launch this face recognizing chatting device somewhere in 2018. The name of the project is “Aloha” although the product will be launched with a separate name.

Facebook has been experimenting as well as developing new features to enhance its user's experience. This device we are talking about is said to be made somewhat like Amazon’s ‘Echo Show’ and would have a camera, touchscreen, and a speaker.



But people seem to be concerned about their privacy and feel that this device can be used to spy on them or maybe infringe their personal data. However, facebook has assured its users that the device won’t be of any risk to their personal information.

The device is said to be launching somewhere in May of 2018. It will be launched with a separate name and mainly come handy for connecting to your friends and family members through video chat. The main aim of the device would be easy login to your account i.e using your face as your ID.

Facebook has launched a lot of other features for its users, 360 camera being one of them.

This feature lets the user take a photo from their device in a 360-degree mode with the help of the Facebook app. This feature was appreciated by a lot of users and they used this feature for creating their ‘cover photo’. So users should not be concerned about privacy issues as it is in the earlier stages of development and all the concerned safety features will be taken care.