Setup and Install Canon Printer - Canon is one of the most trusted brands in the imaging and printing technology field. The company produces some of the finest printing machines available in the market. Printers have become a common peripheral device at home and offices. People use these printers to print their files, documents in hard copy. Printers are a complex machine from inside, with loads of hardware combined together along with a software program to control the hardware components. If a person does not have a basic idea about printer’s working they find it difficult even to troubleshoot simple issues. In this article, I will address one such common problem faced by printer users which is How to install Canon Printer without CD. I will discuss a detailed step wise procedure without the need for software CD. Follow the instructions given carefully to configure your Canon printer.

Setup and Install Canon Printer Without CD

Canon Printers or any printer, in general,l can be configured without the CD. The CD generally is required to install printer drivers, but in this world of internet, it is very easy to directly download those drivers without the need of the CD. I will discuss how to set up your Canon printer without the CD, follow the instructions carefully:

Step 1: Connect your Canon printer to a constant AC power outlet and wait for few seconds to power it up. If your printer is wireless then connect it to your home network from its network settings otherwise connect it to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Open the control panel of your computer and click on “Add a Printer/Hardware Device”, Now your computer will search for any nearby devices available. Make sure your Canon printer is ON and running.

Step 3: Click on your printer name from the list and then follow theon-screenn instruction to set it up. Your computer has default settings to install a printer or hardware device even if it does not have any Software CD.

Step 4: Once the installation process is complete. Open your browser and go to your printer vendor ( Canon in this case ) official website.

Step 5: Once on the website, search for your device name and go to its respective download section. Here you will find every driver needed for your printer to function. Download each of them and install it to use your printer.

Keep Your Canon Printer Up-to-Date

One important aspect to ensue the longevity of your machine is to have a good up-to-date software ecosystem. Make sure to regularly look for updates of drivers and firmware, install them whenever you fin the time. These small steps will ensure that you reap more benefit from your machine.