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How to Create My Profile Page?

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The readers that read this article, some of them are familiar with the term profile page and some are not. So before demonstrating how to create a profile page on social networking website and any professional website, you must know about what is profile page and why it is important?

Profile page is a kind of web page and it shows all your personal and professional information that you want to show to others. You are not required to display most of it if you don't want to. It is a simple and easy way to connect with other people on the internet. The next thing which is important, what kind of profile page you want to create like personal, professional and any business profile page totally depend upon the user. Before registering on any website you need to confirm that in which website you want to create your profile page If you don't know, relax and read this article.

Create a Profile Page on Facebook

The first step is to go to Facebook website, create your account, fill your all details like name, mobile number, email id and password etc.
After filling all the information click on create an account. To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.
Creating an account is to add a profile picture. This will allow others to quickly see who you are, making conversations between friends and family easier.
Now fill all the information you want to show to the world like about yourself, education, hobbies, your work and your interests.

Create Profile Page on Linkedin

In the above paragraph, you will get familiar with how to create a profile page, suppose you want to create your professional page in LinkedIn like Facebook you need to register yourself in LinkedIn. Go to LinkedIn website www.linkedin.com and fill the information about yourself like first name, last name password etc.
Click on the Join Now button, fill the information like country, postal code, about your job, industry and create your network for a better professional result.
After creating account go to the edit profile and fill the details like headlines, current position, location information, add education and add summary about accomplishment, desired goal etc.
Add your work experience where you have worked, your skills, click on the save button and you are done.

Create Profile Page on Gmail

Google plus is a great platform to create personal, professional and for your brand and business. If you want to create profile then read this instruction carefully. To get access on google plus you must have an account in Gmail, so what you need to do is go to Gmail website accounts.google.com
Fill the information like name, username, password, birthday etc and click on I agree. The next step is to select a profile photo for your Google Plus profile, this is an important step, as the photo will determine how you appear across Google.
To begin populating your Google+ profile visit https://plus.google.com/ and click the Home icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen and select Profile
Once you are viewing your own profile, the best place to start is with the About section, which can be found along the navigation bar just below your profile's cover image.
Try to compel your profile by adding information in the story, your work, education, places, your personal contact info etc. Now your google plus profile page is ready.
Creating a profile page on any social media and any website is not so difficult, Follow these steps and create your profile page.

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