Memory cards, Pen Drive, SD Card have made our life easier and portable with their small size yet big memory. Although with advancement in technology these devices are getting better and cheaper but we all have faced the issue of a corrupted Memory card, Pen drive or a damaged SD Card when we loose our precious data. So in this article I will discuss in detail on How to repair corrupted pen drive, how to fix your damaged memory card or how to repair a damaged sd card using different troubleshooting techniques.

How to repair damaged sd card/pen drive/memory card using CMD:
1. Insert your corrupted sd card/pen drive into your computer’s usb or card port.

2. Open your CMD line from the start menu.3. Now type “list disk” and Enter, this will show a list of devices connected to your PC. Now select the disk number of the corrupted pen drive/sd card and hit Enter.
4. Type “Clean” and hit Enter, this will erase all the corrupted data on the damaged pen drive/sd card. Now type “select partition primary” and hit Enter and then  type format fs=fat32 and hit Enter. Wait for CMD to finish the task. Now your corrupted sd card/pen drive is clean and ready to use.

How to recover data from damaged or corrupted sd card/pen drive using utility tools:
Most of the high profile brands have their own data recovery softwares made to recover data from the damaged memory card or corrupted pen drive. So go to your vendor’s website and download the recovery tool. Insert your corrupted pen drive into your computer and open the recovery tool on your computer. Once the portable device is recognized, start the data recovery process. Once the recovery is finished, save the data on your hard disk and close the window. This is how you fix damaged memory card.
We all know how valuable our digital data is and that is why it is very important to fix the damaged memory card and retrieve the data, Hopefully, the given set of techniques gave you an idea on how to fix damaged memory card or how to repair corrupted pen drives and sd card.