The wireless signal from your router has a limited range which may lead to dip in connection in the farther corners of your home. The Android device which you use has certain limitations which cause the issue to be more frustrating. Generally, your Android device, like your smartphones, tablets or PC, when connected to a network, won’t switch or change to a better network unless the connected network strength reaches zero. This means if your current network which you are connected to drops signals regularly and there is another signal with better strength, then also your Android device will wait up until it disconnects. Although this is quite frustrating it is done for a reason. The reason being a continuous switch of the network will lead to more battery consumption. However, recently the new generation smartphones have included the smart switch functionalities. I will discuss a few techniques to make smart use of your wifi networks for continuous uninterrupted connectivity.

The latest smartphones like One Plus come equipped with this feature of smart wifi signal detector. This allows the phone to switch between the networks if their signal strength goes past a certain level. But, not all devices are equipped or come bundled with this feature. For these devices, it is advisable to make use of third-party applications available for the purpose.

Keep Your Android Devices Connected

In order to maintain the signal strength on your Android, I will discuss a few techniques to do so. Kindly go through them thoroughly to make better use of the device.

  1. Use In-Built Settings: Some of the current generation smartphones come equipped with this functionality like the OnePlus smartphones. This function is called smart wifi switcher, which allows your phone to detect better signal strength from the available wifi network and your network data. The phone’s network will automatically switch to either of the two depending on which has better signal strength. In order to make use of this function, you need to switch it on from your settings page.
  2.  Use Third-Party Application: Many third-party applications available on Play store. You can download and make use of these applications to boost up your phone's signal catching abilities. Your phone will be able to switch to a better network once the signal strength of the current network goes below the set threshold. These applications have come with many features to tweak from. You can select at what level you want your phone to switch to the separate network. You can set a minimum threshold signal level, reaching which your phone will be prompted to switch to another network.
  3. Use Smart Routers: The current generation of routers come equipped with smart signal technology and many other amazing features. If the signal strength is an issue with your phone, look for routers with Dual band technology enabled, as well as routers with MU MIMO technology. These routers are able to distinguish between the needs of different devices and transmits signals accordingly. The MU MIMO technology allows the router to differentiate between slow and fast devices and then it provides and transmits data in equal amount to all the devices.
  4. Use External Antennas: In order to better the connectivity and signal strength on your android device, you need to have a router with strong signal broadcasting capabilities. If your Android phone does not have the technology to switch between these devices, then you can strengthen the output signal from your router. In order to do so, you need to install better-equipped antennas on your router. This will boost the signal strength of your router, thus providing better and stronger connectivity throughout. Before buying these antennas, make sure to check that your router has the ability to install external antennas.

    These are some of the techniques to make sure your Android devices receive maximum signal strength. In case your phone does not come equipped with the smart wifi switch then you can look forward to other available options like use of third-party applications or making amendments to your router for stronger signal output. As the trend is going on, chances are your manufacturer will make this function compulsory for almost all the phones in coming year or two.