How does the Internet work? Good question! About internet, it is defined to get connected with a wired or wireless mode of communication with the internet through which one can receive or able to transmit information that can be used for single or multiple operations.As discussed below-mentioned that how does an internet works in 3 steps. Here people get finest steps that tells the whole process to stay on a web page through the internet protocol. To a web browser for a web server including their URL page. Let us see how does an internet works and what is internet protocol?

Process of How dos an internet works?

Step-1 It’s web browser sends us a request. Is want to get internet signal then need to recheck it’s web URL. When the web address is 100% verified. Then a web browser will carried the complete process. First it start what is internet protocol and which protocol uses for internet working. After doing so, it’s done by using HTTP protocol and any web browser uses FTP protocol. Then need to find out at the locations where web server situates. Then, DNS servers that associates a domain name to an IP address ( This IP address is unique and the web server page is reorganized and contact to the web address to get internet signal.

Step-2 Later on, the web server sends a request and this acquires an index.html file. Then it looks for an index.html file and it appears all the valid information which is holds for internet working. Thus, it send that details to the chrome web browser to get accessible internet signal. The web server of the internet knows about Internet, how internet working? If it sends all valid details when you're on the internet, then definitely a web server has an unique IP address of a system.Wants to know what’s internet or how internet signal get access? Then get to this URL that is composed by a few elements as discussed under as:-

The protocol (https:// or as ftp://...)

Its unique IP address is (

In the given required directories, get connected with an internet protocol.

Step-3 At last, all browsers, processors likes the files. The web browser automatically collects the index html files. If extension is already as html. It possess as a HTML file itself. At first, if internet signal is unable to accessible, then the navigator doesn't get the iconographic content that given page. If it shows the page into a web server about internet, gather all the images that are held into an html file. Of course all these requests are completely transparent for a user. Once all the components of internet gathered on a page, thus, the content will appear on a desktop screen in few decades. Here you will get finest appropriate solutions for what is internet protocol and how it works. Also we learn what is internet meaning in actual or how internet works in our systems, smartphones, tablets and desktops.