Become a Cyber Security Expert with IIIT Bangalore affiliated Course

In today’s modern day and age, everything is shifting towards becoming online or digital. Right from booking hotels to purchasing grocery everything is moving towards a Digital tomorrow. Most of our banking and money matters have also become totally dependent on the internet. Of course, digitalization paves way for a better and faster tomorrow but there is always grayer sides of things. With the increase in digitalization, the rate of online and cyber crimes has increased alarmingly as well. As it has been aptly said in a famous movie, “With Great power, comes great responsibility”. We do have great advantages of becoming online like faster and smooth transactions, connectivity is only getting better, People do not need to move out for smallest of things as they get delivered right on the doorstep. On the contrary, frauds in the banking system have become easier for hackers, the cybersecurity threat has been looming for quite some time now.

Indian Government announced its first National Level Cyber Security policy in 2013, but the reach and impact were quite limited. In recent 5 years, cyber threats have become more prominent and sophisticated making them difficult to be detected at early stages, thus causing huge losses to government and private sectors. Indian networks were also affected because of such attacks like WannaCrypt, Petya Ransomware.

                                     Major Cyber Threats in recent time:
The intensity and impact of cybercrime have been increasing every year and since they take quite some time before being detected it causes huge losses to the government. Below are some of the major cyber attacks in recent times.
1. The USA Elections:
Yes, in case if you are not aware, there are multiple cases of Russian influence has been detected after Donald Trump got elected. Through various news sources and cyberspace experts, it has been established that US elections were compromised and influenced by Russia hackers.

2. Ransomware Attacks:
The worst kind of cyber attack in which the Hacker group releases a malware or virus into the system. The destination for these attacks are mainly banking systems and ATM where the user or company loses huge losses before they can figure out, what hit them. One of the most recent ones were WannaCrypt, Petya etc.

3. Security Concerns:
The most common kind of cybercrime is through small yet dedicated attacks in which the attacker target a user or community with phishing emails. The desired user click on this clickbait thus giving the attacker details of his personal information. So, as we can see that it is pretty difficult to detect these cyber attacks even by experts in some cases.

  The IIIT Course Features:
Are you thinking of pursuing a career in Cyber Security? Well. IIIT Bangalore in association with Talentedge has launched a Cyber Security Warrior certification program to enable working professionals to tackle potential cyber attacks. Some of the features of this online course are mentioned below:

  • Earn the certification affiliated by IIIT Banglore, one of the most prestigious colleges for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

  • The registered user will get a chance to participate in a 2-day Bootcamp with access to all the labs on Cryptography and Cyber Security.

  • Gain Comprehensive knowledge from experts in the fields, understand and learn the Cyber laws.

  • The Online course gives you the flexibility to decide when you want to learn and how to learn.

  • Get exposure to contemporary and sought after areas like IOT device security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies etc.

The course will push on the right path of becoming a cybersecurity expert in near future.