Leaving school days behind we all grow up and get busy with the hectic schedule. We get no time for our hobbies which we used to enjoy our school days but Do you know those children hobbies can really help you stay stress-free?

Here are few Childhood hobbies which will definitely help you stay away from stress:


This helps you engage with the imaginative side your mind. You don’t have to an expert writer rather write whatever your mind and heart says. According to Research, writing can actually help you throw away the negative thoughts. So I would suggest you keep a Journal.


After growing up we turn our back to reading until or unless its something related to our syllabus. Research has found that reading for even six mins can reduce stress faster than other activities such as listening to music, going out on a walk or drinking a cup of coffee.


It is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress. Motivating 10 minutes per day can actually help you improve your health and stay stress-free. It can help you decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.


We all love singing then why not do it over again. Whenever you feel down put your headphones on and start singing which will release endorphins in the body and helps in relieving pain and reducing stress.

Playing Video Games

We get no time neither to play outside nor to play video games. But according to science playing games including videos games can help you reduce stress and your depression, and make you feel better. Don’t play violent video games as they may have the bad effect on your mind.