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Secrets that your Sleeping Positions hide about You

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We all sleep in different positions. But have you wondered what does your sleeping position says about your personality? And your health? Here are what experts have to say.

Your body language says a lot about your personality and thoughts. But do you know yours communicates even when you’re sleeping? People spent almost 6 or more hours sleep, so of course, it reveals about us. Sleeping in one fixed position can cause pain in the neck, numb your arms or hurt your hip. We can improve our sleeping position in order to stay healthy. The body language not only affects health but also tells about the relationship between you and your partner.

Fetal Position

Some people sleep by curling like a baby and put their weight on one side. People who sleep this way are sensitive and show tough exterior. This position gives them a safe and secure feel while sleeping. This is the most common position opted by the people. More than twice as many as women tend to adopt this position.

Sleeping in Log position

In this position, one lay at one side with arms on the same side. People who sleep in this position are easy going, social, gullible and trusts strangers easily. This position quite popular but not as much as Foetus.

Yearn Position

This position is similar to log position but the only difference is the arms that reach out in front as if you’re yearning for someone or something. People who sleep this way aren’t much gullible and such people don’t make their mind easily and if they make then they become rigid.

Tummy Position

This a less popular position as compared to side sleeping. It's not good for health and can cause back in pain and neck. Sleeping in this position would be a bad idea for pregnant ladies. In this position, the neck gets stuck in one position for hours. Those who sleep in this position usually works in agriculture and are between 45 - 54 age. They can be an alcoholic.

Soldier Position (Backtrack Position)

People who sleep in this position work in logistics and transport. They wake up feeling refreshed. They tend to be of young age around 25-35. They are more likely to snore which means you may wake up refreshed but your partner won’t be.


Most people are unlikely to change their position during the night but there are people don't prefer one position over another. Freestyle sleeper tends to be between the age of 35 and 44. This positions shouldn’t be opted by a pregnant lady.

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