We hear many superstitions in our everyday life. We’ve been passing this to next generation. Let’s learn the science behind all the superstition you’ve been hearing since childhood.

Eating curd and sugar before going out

Eating curd and sugar while heeding out of home is considered as good luck. Most of us might’ve tried it on exam days but it holds no truth. Curd has a cooling effect on the stomach while sugar provides instant glucose.

Don’t wash your head on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday

Washing head on certain days is considered to bed misfortune but that's nothing true as it is a water management practice.

Sweeping in the evening brings bad luck

This is one of the sayings which we all might have witnessed. The actual reason behind this is that our ancestors preferred to sweep the floor in daylight as sweeping at night may result in the sweeping away of precious things. But this reason resulted in superstition.

Menstruating Women Are Considered Impure

In the country like India, a menstruating woman is considered impure due to which they are not allowed to enter the kitchen and temples. But the reality behind this was that during that time women used to be weak. Thus, they were asked to rest and avoid their duties for a few days.

Cease if a cat passes your way

In ancient times, people used to carry goods on the bullock cart and passing an animal in from the cart which has glowing eyes may scare the animal.

Don’t go out during an eclipse

The reason is to protect themselves from harmful Ultraviolet radiation and its harmful effects which turned into a superstition.