Are you secure in kitchen!                                                                 

Cooking can be fun but safety should be the utmost priority while working in kitchen.A kitchen is a place where you prepare delicious food but it can also prove to be a dangerous place if proper precautions are not taken.While working in kitchen,you have to deal from hot boiling liquids and hot utensils to extremely sharp edged knives.So while preparing mouth watering food for your family,you should also prepare yourself from any potential damage, harm or hazard happening around.


Let’s review a few essential security tips                       

  1. Wear proper shoes and clothin

  • Adding a layer of protection to yourself can protect you from accidents.

  • Boiling liquids and sharp knives are a frequent part of a kitchen life.So if you step in a splashed hot liquid, they can protect your feet or other body parts from burning.

  2. Know the importance of fire extinguisher  

  • In case your kitchen catches fire,the fire extinguisher can prevent your kitchen from burning it to ashes.

  • Never extinguish electrical appliances from water

  • Be sure how to use it before you need it.

  3. Know your kitchen equipments before playing with them                     

  • Read the manual instructions that comes with kitchen appliances before using them

  • Keep electrical appliances dry and away from water

  • Be careful with blenders and blades and never use your fingers while brushing anything.  

 4.    Don't leave your food unattended while cooking                 

  • Never leave the house when you are cooking or baking something.

  • Switch off the gas stove when you are done with cooking.

  • If there are pets or kids roaming around,always make sure an adult is in the kitchen.

5.      Keep a first aid kit with yourself                                                            

  • Make sure to keep a safety kit in the kitchen

  • The kitchen safety kit can include  gauze, burn salve, scissors, and the phone number for your doctors and nearby hospital.

6.    Learn how to use knives                                        

  • Your kitchen knife should always be sharp as a dull knife can easily slip and cut.

  • Go easy while cutting anything with your knife until you are confident.

  • Learn how to properly chop and cut things with your knife,holding your non-dominant hand, with fingers twined under.