7 year old murdered in gurugram’s ryan international school.

7 Year Old Murdered In Gurugram’s Ryan International School.

In a tragic turn of events, a 7-year-old schoolboy Pradhyuman Thakur of Ryan international school was found dead with his neck slit open in the school’s bathroom.

On 8th Sep Pradhyuman’s father dropped him at the school gate and returned home when he received a call from a hospital saying his son has been brought in. The father Varun Thakur was in shock and disbelief when he reached hospital as his son was declared dead.



Apparently, as soon as Varun dropped his son at the school gates, he went to the toilet instead of the classroom. Ashok Kumar the bus conductor and the murderer was already present there and tried to molest the kid and when Pradhyuman cried for help the conductor slit his throat in a hurry and left.

As soon as the news broke out hundreds of parents rushed to the school to get their kids home and created a law & order situation which was later calmed by the police. The parents were angry over the security lapses in the school. They enquired on how someone can carry a knife inside a school and why there are no security cameras inside the school.

The victim’s family has asked for the CBI probe and insisted on arresting the school staffs too as they were responsible for the child’s safety.

Supreme court has issued a notice to the state government seeking the CBI or special probe in the murder of 7-year-old kid in Gurugram. The police have arrested the owner of the school and questioning the school principal as well.

Here is the turn of events which occurred and led to the gruesome murder of a 7-year-old kid.

Those 10 minutes

7:55 am - Varun Thakur drops his son Pradhyuman at the school gates.

7:56 am - Varun leaves the school premises.

Pradhyuman enters through the school bus gate.

8:00 am - Pradhyuman goes to the washroom.

Between 8:02 to 8:05 this incident occurred.

8:08 - Pradhyuman is taken to the hospital.

8:10 - The family members are informed.

The kid died before his parents could reach the hospital.

Convict Ashok Kumar accepts his crime after 2 hours.

Police recovered the knife used for murder.

The police said the classroom wall was less than 5m away when this happened and all the staff and kids were present in the school premises. The most shocking part was that no separate washrooms were made for the use of non-staff members. There were no grills on the windows and security cameras were missing too.


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