A special CBI court on Friday held controversial Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh “guilty” in the 15-year-old rape case. After the verdict came out, his supporters who were present in thousands created a havoc outside the court. Violence broke out at a number of places in Haryana and Punjab. Although the state government had all the necessary arrangements made for security lapses, the situation got out of hand.



The so called supporters destroyed most of the things in their way and attacked the media as well. They burnt the media vans present at the site and even attacked the reporters with weapons. There were 9 reported deaths from different clash hit regions. Police and paramilitary were unable to control the mob. Panchkula, Sirsa, Rohtak, and borders connecting to Haryana were the most affected regions since these places have the most number of Dera followers.



The high court has ordered the state government to seize all Dera properties and pay for the losses caused by their supporters. The court has strictly warned the state government to not to make any lapses in handling the situation.




The quantum of the verdict will be given out on 28 Aug in Rohtak. Government is leaving no stones untouched to maintain peace and order in the state. All the entrances to Rohtak district is highly secured and nobody is allowed to enter without a proper reason. Not only that the court has even ordered to ‘shoot at sight’ if violence erupts. The courtroom has been shifted to jail itself and no one is allowed on the premises within a radius of 1km. The deputy of police has said that things are under control for now.