Nonstick utensils are quite famous these days. They have replaced normal utensils as they are designed to cook food without getting stick to it. Most of the nonstick utensils have the coating of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They are easy to wash and less oil is required to cook food. In order to increase the life of nonstick utensils, one needs to take few safety measures to while cleaning it. Here are 5 ways to increase the life of a nonstick pan.

Lubricate your non-stick pan

The main benefit of using nonstick utensils is to make food with less oil. Rather than pouring oil into the pan dip the tissue paper in the oil and lubricate around the nonstick portion of the pan. Then cook in it without adding more oil.

Don’t use cooking spray

One must not use the cooking spray as it makes the pan stick and difficult to wash. Rubbing nonstick pan hard while washing can damage its nonstick coating and decrease the life of the utensil.

Don’t use Metal Cooking Spoon

Nonstick coating is delicate so using a metal spoon can harm their coating so better to keep knives and metal spoons away. Instead of a metal spoon, you can use the wooden spoon.

The Right Cleaning Method

Don’t use the metal scrubber rather than that use a soft sponge and dishwasher to clean as metal scrubber can damage the coating. Use warm water to clean.

Don’t cook at high temperature

Don’t cook at high temperature as it can harm the coating. Use low or medium temperature to cook. Start with low and turn to medium if required.