Everyone around us has the same problem, sleeping during working hours can say feeling sleepy. These days people have such a hectic life that they don’t get a healthy 8-hour long sleep which leads to laziness all day.

Quality and quantity are two different terms for sleep. When we say quality it means doesn’t mean for a long time but not waking up in between. Broken sleep decreases the quality of sleep.

If you wake restless, if you don’t feel refreshed after waking up then there’s something wrong with you.

Here are few ways to stay naturally awake in office.

Get up and take a brisk walk to feel awake

A brisk walk pumps up oxygen to your brain, veins, and muscle. If you work at a desk then go on 10 minutes in lunch which will make you feel alert and refreshed.

Take a Nap before work

Staying active and awake in office is a constant battle. If you feel the same then take a nap of 15-20 minutes. This will help you increase your alertness through your shift.

Work in Brightness

If you work during daytime, keep a check that your place has plenty of light and if you work during the night then don’t work in dim light. It may make you feel sleepy.

Drink more water

Almost everyone relies on Caffeine to stay awake. It may temporarily boost your energy but water is healthier as it will keep you hydrated and alert.

Drink caffeine before or early in your shift

Drinking coffee in between office hours may interfere with your sleep after office. Consume coffee before or early in your shift.

Keep few snacks on your desk

Eating healthy snacks will improve your blood circulation and also keep you attentive. Avoid food which contains sugar.