yogi renamed allahabad as prayagraj

Yogi Renamed Allahabad As Prayagraj

India - an incredible place, enriched with lots of traditions and values which are of immensely associated with the cultural and ethical richness of the nation. We, the Indians are full of values and at the same time believe to obey our culture and religion.

Allahabad named as Prayagraj

Like, Banaras and Allahabad both are the places in India which have their own quality and equity with them. From Mahakumbh of Allahabad to Mishrambu Drink of Banaras! The overall culture is celebrated well by Indians. One most important thing about both of these places are- the name of these places. like 'Varanasi got transformed into Banaras'.

Allahabad named as Prayagraj

Now recently, Allahabad is renamed as Prayagraj. The nomenclature is old and chained since decades from Indraprastha renamed as Delhi and Rajiv Chowk was renamed as Connaught place in respect of these changes and experimentation with the names of the places in India our government have certain rules and regulations for Indians which-automatically creates controversy.

Allahabad named as Prayagraj

Renaming Allahabad to Prayagraj was a major step initiated by U.P. Government in effect of social identity and political identity. If we talk about some other places renamed, a perfect example is Kolkata renamed as Calcutta!

Allahabad named as Prayagraj

Places other than major cities, some small places were also on the list and in process of renovation with their names. One of them is Hardoi District was known as Haridrohi before Hardoi. We are living in an era which is prone to digitisation, it doesn’t take a long time when it comes to the public disgracing i.e. memes and trolls.

Allahabad named as Prayagraj

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