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World’s Longest Transparent Bridge Sways at 755 feet.

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World’s longest transparent bridge sways at 755 Feet.      

A glass-bottomed suspension skywalk measuring an astounding 1,601 feet has opened in China. The straightforward transparent glass bridge is the longest glass skywalk on the planet and has been designed to 'sway a bit' when tourist stroll on it, as indicated by Chinese state media. It's 191 feet longer than the previous record holder, which is quite common in China. The 6.5-foot wide skywalk hangs 755 feet over the ground - which is the height of a 66-story building - between two cliffs in the Hongya Gu Scenic Area in Hebei region.The marvelous vacation destination, which opened on December 24, is fitted with 1,077 glass boards, announced People's Daily Online, referring to China Daily Every one of the boards is 1.5 inches thick and the entire scaffold measures 70 tons.

The most exciting component of the extension could be its 'swaying sensation'. Which might make the tourists miss a heartbeat for sure.

Hebei Bailu Group, the organization that constructed the skywalk, told neighborhood reporters that they trusted the swinging movement which could engage the guests as they take the walk among the scenic views. Already, the world's longest glass connect estimated 1,410 feet long and is located in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province, southern China. The dynamite trail is the longest glass connect on the planet, breaking the past record by 191 feet. The Hongya Gu scaffold could hold a maximum of 2,000 individuals. However, considering the safety of tourist and keep this place a must-visit for tourists, the maximum allowed a number of people at 500 only.

Safety, a concern on these bridges?
Last, the year a similar glass-bottomed bridge in China had to be closed down, just after the 13 day period of its opening ceremony. The overwhelming number of tourists arrived on the 998-foot long glass skywalk. This caused concerns among the officials about the safety of the tourists. This is the reason why it had to be closed down so early unless further measures are implemented. In Another incident in human central China, a group of tourists was left screaming and crying for help when the glass of the skywalk suddenly shattered.
Glass-Bottom Skywalks a Trend in China:
Glass-Bottom bridges and skywalk are a rage in China, with loads of high mountain areas and tourist destinations implementing the idea. Just before the opening of this world record holder glass bridge, another high-tech glass skywalk was opened in Wuhu Mountains. The said pathway had special effects and functions like a scattering of glass effect which terrifies the guts out of tourists who do not know about it.

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