what is the difference between iphone 7 & iphone 8.

What Is The Difference Between IPhone 7 & IPhone 8.

To start off with the design and looks, the new iPhone 8 features a unibody design with  grade-7 aluminium and the back of the device is made with the combination of reinforced glass and steel to give the phone a shiny lustrous finish, mind you iPhone 7 doesn’t have glass at the back. Now the hardware, this where everything changes in the new iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, the new series of iPhone 8 is equipped with an A11 Bionic chip capable of performing 70% faster than its predecessor with a processing speed of 600 Billion calculations per second! The graphics font is vastly updated and this leads to less power consumption which in turn enhance the battery backup by 10%.

The iPhone 8 will feature all new screen with true tone technology capable of rendering high quality colour balance and depth. The camera specification on both iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 is same at 12 megapixels but the iPhone 8 has tuned aperture for more light absorption and the pixel size is comparatively larger, all these lead to stunning photography experience on your new iPhone 8. Not only that, new camera firmware will allow the users to take portrait mode photos even with the selfie camera with the option of blurring the background and tweaking the lighting condition just like a professional photographer. The battery life on new iPhone 8 will be slightly better and there is an option for wireless charging.

So even though the two, iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 may look similar but there is a whole lot of new stuff on the newly released iPhone 8.

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