When the daily routine grinds you or you have a hectic office schedule, all your energy is bound to sap out of you. In such conditions, the only relief you can get is some quality time spent with your family and friends. A city like Delhi has so much to offer to its visitors that one cannot have enough time to explore them all. From beautiful temples to ravishing discotheques, and from quiet cafes to chaotic streets, this place never fails to amaze the people looking for an escape from their mundane schedule. You just have to bring out the explorer spirit inside you, to get a better view of this aesthetic city. While these places are hard to find at the right price, we have organized a list of places where you can have great fun with your friends, family, and mates.

Top Fun Places In Delhi Are Follows

Adventure Island


Some people just love to be scared to death. If you too want your adrenaline rush to flow at the highest pace, you must visit an adventure island located in Rohini. With numerous rides, a water park, an adventure village, magic shows, acrobat, dance, and stunt shows, this place might be the perfect place for all fun and thrill lovers.


Welcome to the gaming world of smash. This place is a must visit for all the youngsters as it gets you hooked to the best in futuristic indoor entertainment, right from virtual reality gaming, bowling, go-karting, simulated sport to dining. The virtual reality simulation and VR gaming, as well as live sports gaming, are an additional asset to the place. So after a frenetic day of professionalism, you can let the child outta you ride in at Smaaash.

Mystery Rooms

Mystery Rooms is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to get yourself out of a theme based room before time kicks you! You are locked in a room with a set of clues and you have 60 minutes to solve the clues and get out of the room. It is a fun game that originated in Japan and has now made its impact in all the major cities of India. The clues depend upon the level of difficulty you have chosen.


An ice skating rink situated at the 6th floor of Ambiance mall is a  place to explore for all fun lovers. It can’t get any better than spinning on an ice ring in the blistering heat of Delhi. Skate on the ice, dance to the magical tunes or get yourself spotted with your loved ones on a giant screen, the day can't do better than this. Iskate also organized disco events and parties for children, ladies and adults. So, fasten those skates and swish away on the ice.

Connaught place

It is the most popular hangout place in Delhi. It is definitely a place for shopaholics as you can spot numerous stores that sell everything including clothes, watches, electronic accessories, shoes and much more to our knowledge. One can see couples and youngsters roaming around in large numbers especially when the sun sets at the Connaught place. For a party lover and a foodie, the white wonder has all in store from luxurious nightclubs and big restaurants to street vendors selling mouth-watering street food of Delhi.

Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk

When you enter Paranthe Wali Gali at Chandni Chowk,  it becomes really hard to resist the whiff of hot oil and the aroma of sputtering spices. The place may be filled with chaos and high pitched shouts of shop owners but for all the parantha lovers, it is definitely not a place to miss. The place is famous for its diversity in paranthas with a flavour of old Delhi in it. The deep-fried, golden and beautifully transformed paranthas mixed with desi ghee can even make a dead man crave for it.

Qawali Nights At Nizamuddin Dargah

The Nizamuddin Dargah might not be a place of fun but it sure has its own ambience of Sufi music. People gather in large numbers to witness events like qawali nights. Listening to the melodic Sufi music will leave your soul with an experience that is unforgettable. The Dargah is open to people of all religion and caste and one can feel closer to God while experiencing this place.

Kingdom Of Dreams

It is a live theatre and entertainment arena with a motive to bring art from all corners of India under one roof where each state is represented by its art, food, dance, craft and other specialities. Two Bollywood shows are conducted every evening which are dearly applauded by the people of Delhi. It is a must visit a place where you get to witness and feel all the colours of a united India.

Anti - Social

Contradictory to its name, antisocial is a stunning place for people to get social, relax and chill. It gives you a flavour of a casual hangout with a taste of nightlife.  After an exhausting and tiring day at your office, you can smoke as well as enjoy drinks with your friends at Anti- Social. So make sure to pay a visit to this wonderful place and become a part of Musical and literary sessions and events like DJ night, storytelling, poetry, comedy hunts, etc.

The Paintball Co.

It is the most famous paintball arena in Delhi where you can paintball your opponents in open air space  You can set up your own arena provided there are open space and access to electricity. It is absolutely fun especially when you are with a bunch of 7-8 friends. Try it for yourself and you can feel your badass spirit animal out in the arena for some time. For most of its patrons who visit the arena regularly, the paintball co has developed a permanent setup. Definitely a fun place for all the youngsters.