Top Cities - People are crazy about travelling. They want to enjoy their leisure with travel and if travelling happens one of the best cities in the world, nothing is great other than this. Millions of people all around the world travel to different cities and countries every year and nowadays they choose their destination with the help of the internet.

Top Cities for Travel

This article will give you a quick ride to choose your type of city in the world so you can enjoy your leisure in that city.

London (United Kingdom)

The capital of the United Kingdom, London is known for its 2000 years rich and old historical culture. London is a cultural and fashion capital, a great place to go out, and an amazing place to eat. London can be a choice for every age group person. For history, art and culture lover, Home to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the London Eye, the London Dungeon’s and more museums can be one of the best experiences of your travel. A boat trip along the Thames, stroll through Hyde Park, gaze at the Crown Jewels or feed the pigeons at Trafalgar Square are the places where no one gets bored. London can be a pretty expensive place to stay if you want to enjoy your travel, be careful with your budget.

Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo, the city always in the move, the phrase completely defines the city which has the traditional culture and passion for everything new. Tokyo city is one of the densely populated cities in the world but the city has many more thing for travellers. The city is basically known for shrines, temples and parks. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Meiji Jingu, Fushimi Inari-taish Shrine, Asakusa, Omotesando are some places in Tokyo that cant cover in one or two days. For food lovers, don't forget to have sushi or soba. Tokyo is not such a cheap place. Cheap flights can be obtained for about £400 to £500. Hostels cost around £15 to £20 per night and there are plenty of fast food outlets, so you can feed yourself in your budget.

New York (USA)

New York City, is famous for The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and all the other tourist places where you can enjoy. Home to the world's largest department store, New York is probably the most fashionable, hip city on the planet. Plus its really easy to get to with all major multi-national airlines flying there flights costs range from £300 to £700 depending on the time of year you travel summer months are much more expensive. New York is not a cheap city to travel. So be ready to take a trip with more money and travel once at least this beautiful and rocking city.

Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town, the World's most beautiful city. Combination of a great urban metropolis with the immense natural beauty synonymous with Africa. Nestled on a peninsula between lush valleys and rocky heights and overlooked by the great Table Mountain, whether its stunning wildlife or crazy nightlife you are after, Cape Town has it in spades. Flights to Cape Town begin at around £400 and peak at £600 in the summer months bear this in mind when booking. A bed in a hostel costs around £7 and you can eat out cheaply too. Cape Town has a Mediterranean-type climate with hot summers and warm, wet winters. The South Africans are also well-known for their party, so will certainly be able to show you a good time if you stop by Cape Town.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Brazils capital city in dancing and thumping in samba beat. The city has plenty more places to visit some of the world's most stunning beaches, thriving nightlife, a 24/7 party vibe and Sugar Loaf mountain too. All of which are proudly enveloped by the open arms of the huge white statue of Christ the Redeemer standing atop the Corcovado Mountain at a height of 710 meters. Rio de Janeiro, a jewel in South America's crown.

Portuguese is the official language throughout Brazil, but you can find many English speakers in the main cities like Rio. Flights start at around £400 to £500 and peak at over £900 in the summer months, so pick your fights carefully. A bed in a hostel costs around £7 a night and you can eat plenty of food very cheaply in Brazil. So pack your bag and be ready for dancing in samba beats.