Have you ever been in love? If yes, then you might have felt many different things. Here are ten mind-boggling facts about Love.

  • Imagine your crush instantly replying you back or staring you or sending you cute replies. Doesn’t that make you feel butterflies in your stomach? Feeling Butterflies in Stomach is actually a real thing.

  • We all have heard the first impression is the last impression and everyone notices body and looks at the first meeting. But In a long-term relationship, people prefer Beautiful face than the attractive body.

  • The duo who are exceptionally similar probably won’t last.

  • We all know Love is a drug but did you know that it has similar neurological effects as cocaine.

  • Heartbreak is actually a medical condition known as Broken Heart Syndrome.

  • Cuddling is a natural painkiller for all the lovers.

  • When two lovebirds stare at each other their heartbeat synchronizes.

  • Humans are failing to keep a monogamous relationship but do you know it exists throughout out the animal kingdom and we should actually learn from them.

  • Just not cuddling but also holding hands can act as a stress reliever for lovebirds.