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Some Devices May Hang When Using Certain Apps In Windows 10

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The new Windows 10 April 2018 update has been the concern for many. The update has been notorious for freezing the chrome application. People are facing this issue on a constant basis, and it seems Microsoft is aware of the issue and have acknowledged it too on its official forum.

The bug with the update seems to have affected hundreds of users as many of them have taken to social media to complain about the problem they have been facing. Many social media platforms such as Reddit and official forums for Microsoft and Windows have been receiving numerous complaints from the users about freezing up of chrome after the update.

The user has said that, when the bug hits Google Chrome, nothing works, not even the keyboard. It seems the only way to gain back control is to forcibly shut down your PC, by pressing the sleep button for approx 30 seconds. But the forced reboot does not resolve the problem as chrome freezes up again after the restart.

The famous guardian magazine also acknowledged the presence of bugs but said that no all Windows 10 computers have been affected and only a portion of it is facing the crisis. The issues have been associated generally with devices with an Intel processor, so even that needs to be taken into consideration.

Microsoft in an official statement said that the problem has been brought to their notice and they are actively working on it. A fix patch might just be around the corner. Until the fix arrives, Microsoft issued following instructions to get rid of the freezing screen.

  • Press the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously three times within two seconds on a Windows tablet to refresh the screen. Apart from that, a user can also make use of the following key combination to resolve the freeze up Chrome screen.
  • Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B
  • You can also restore your Windows, from the previous backup, of you feel the update is causing more trouble than help.

The most annoying part is how come, chrome with a market share of 68.1% did not test for these kinds of issues. It is expected from a brand that big, to be aware of this kind of uncertainties in advance. Now it is to be soon how quickly Microsoft and Google Chrome comes to a possible solution. Even at the time of the launch of the update, there was a certain delay due to another bug., which were causing the whole machine to crash itself.

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