If you think you’re helping people by offering lift then you’re living in an illusion. Actually, you’re digging a pit for yourself. Yes, according to Section 66(1) read with Section 192 (a) of the Motor Vehicles Act, which deals with using vehicles for transportation without the requisite permit. Nitin Nair, a Samaritan motorist offered the lift to three people in need out of which one was a senior citizen. The incident came to limelight when the man posted about it on Facebook. Nitin was going to his office and on the way, he saw two workers of IT company and a senior citizen of about 60+ age and the gentleman decided to help as it was raining heavily, all the public transport were either filled or late. As soon as he started the car the police officer waylaid and took his driving license and charged him fine of 1500 RS. Later, he had to visit court to accept his mistake and take his license back. His post went viral on Facebook with 13k reactions and 22k shares.

The law may have its pros and cons I agree this law can protect people from getting kidnapped, mugged or killed but what about the injured on the road? But one can’t deny that it would cause the morally good citizen to lose their humanitarianism.

The reality is the law doesn’t constrain someone from helping each other rather it says that one shouldn’t use their personal transport for commercial use. Nitin Nair was misunderstood by the traffic police as they followed him and found he picked three people which showed he might be using his car for making money. Though he had to pay for his kindness. I would suggest you do carpooling with known people as it’ll help you stay safe.

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