Social media has entirely captivated the minds of teenagers all over the world. They are completely trapped in its web. They are just stuck to their phones and squandering their entire time surfing on the internet. It’s been a great issue even for their parents.

After ‘BLUE WHALE’ game which went viral almost a year ago took a number of innocent lives. A new game is viral all over the world. The momo challenge just started on facebook where a person was “CHALLENGED” to do a series of activities to meet ‘MOMO’. An avatar of a Grotesque woman is being used which is an art work by a Japanese artist MIDORI HAYASHI . It allegedly involve a series of violent activities which end up with the suicide of the person.The game is so glamorous and gradually it becomes so addictive that person can’t stop himself from playing it. MOMO threatens them with violent images. Actually MOMO is a social media account that uses the image of a doll with monstrous features .It portrays a girl’s face whose eyes are bulging out like two momos only with eyeballs and mouth is curved to the extent of being anomalous which can very easily attract anyone's mind and most teenagers. The horrific photo is used to threaten children just like the ‘BLUE WHALE’ game. Children are contacted through unknown numbers. The account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico and Columbia.

The Argentina police are linking the death of a 12-year innocent girl who just filmed her activities immediately prior to suicide on her phone. The officials are doing their investigations on this and also warned parents to keep a check on their children on what they are surfing on the internet.

MOMO challenge made the first hunt in India. There has been a fear of parents in front of news about the death of MOMO challenge in BOYVAR, AJMER DISTRICT OF RAJASTHAN. This game of death has taken the life of a 15-year-old student studying in 10th grade on 31st July after 3 days of her birthday. The browser history of the phone, the MOMO game rules and the mark on the body of little girl clearly indicates that it’s nothing other than the fatal MOMO challenge.