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Meet this “Scorpion Queen” who lives with 1000s of Scorpion.

By: Postbull - Last Upadte June 25, 2018


One can be scared badly to see the dangerous scorpion in front of him. What will be the life of a person who lives with 1000s of scorpions? These scorpions are well known as the most dangerous species in the world. The treacherous species that a person could die of its single bite. This is a shocking news that there is a Scorpion Queen in Thailand who had spent her 33 days with approximately 5000 scorpions.

The name of this lady is Kanchan Khetakave who is 39 years old. She had put poisonous scorpions over her face for 3 minutes and 28 seconds. This record of the “Scorpion Queen” had taken place in Guinness book of world records. Kanchan Khetakave is a lady who is extremely attached to these species. She can put scorpions in her mouth also.

The given picture shows that her attachment to the poisonous and dangerous scorpions makes her a unique lady from others. Her proud husband – called Thailand's "Centipede King" – looked on as Miss Kaetkaew, wearing a white dress coated with a lot of the stinging creatures, created her record try before of a crowd at a retail store in Pattaya, a town on the Gulf of Kingdom of Thailand better-known for its nightlife and cabaret. Miss Kaetkaew remains bold for a lot of records and, for her next stunt, she is getting to board a glass compound for thirty-three days and nights within the company of 5,000 scorpions. If flourishing, she's going to beat her 2002 record of thirty-two days during a glass house with three,400 scorpions. Her husband set a Thai record for enduring twenty-eight days with one,5000 centipedes.

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