Most of the girls love Nail polish but some like me can’t properly paint their nails. Here are few Marvelous DIY Nail Hacks you should know. By using these hacks you easily do your nails without damaging them.

Roll the Bottle

Rather than shaking it, roll it. As shaking nail paint’s bottle may create the air bubbles in it and which may spoil your manicure. So, it better to roll the bottle to avoid air bubbles inside it.


If your nails have become yellow or stained after wearing a dark lipstick then you can simply apply toothpaste on your nails. It works similarly as on your teeth.

Petroleum Jelly

If you’re a beginner or a messy painter then this is for you. Put petroleum jelly on your fingers before applying nail paint. Now, you can paint your nails without worrying. After you’re done washing your hands and the messy nail polish will easily remove from your skin. You can put some petroleum jelly around the bottle to avoid it painting itself.

Ice water

Regular nail paints take longer to dry and if you’re someone like me who can’t wait to dry it up then we have the solution for you. Take a bowl pour some water and ice in it. Keep your nail inside it for 3 minutes and your done. Your nails will become dry and smudge free.

Cool it off

Before applying nail paint keep it inside your refrigerator for a couple of minutes which will make it smooth and you won’t need to apply millions of layers.