krishna janmotsav was celebrated with lots of pomp in mathura.

Krishna Janmotsav Was Celebrated With Lots Of Pomp In Mathura.

Kanha has taken birth in the birthplace of Lord Krishna in Mathura at 12 a.m. on the occasion of  Shri Krishna Janmotsav. There was a huge welcome of Lord Krishna with the drum-dragons. He was ordained in the late night and after that, there was his grand Abhishek performed by the priests in the temple.After that Lord Krishna was dressed up in ’Kusum-Veli’ costume. In the noon around at 1:30 pm devotees had a visit to see Kanhaiya. For his dugdhabhishek a silver cow was ordered from Jaipur which was of 51kg.

Around 35Lakh people made God’s philosophy-

According to Secretary of the Shrikrishna Janmabhoomi Committee, about 35 lakh devotees have visited the temple in two days. In the birthplace of Shri Krishna, more than four and a half kilos of Prasad was prepared for the devotees.

Stage Performance of Peacock Dance-

There was a Raslila performed on the stage by the Krishna, Radha, and his Gopis. A wonderful peacock dance is performed by them.

A priest told that ”Radha use to visit the cave shrine to see peacocks in the rainy season. Once at a time, Lord Krishna showed his magical powers and all of the peacocks were disappeared from there. She became upset that there are no peacocks. Krishna took himself in the form of a peacock and started dancing. Seeing him dancing Radha also started dancing as a peacock. From that day this peacock dance was started. ”

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