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Incredible Food Art Made By Sixteen Year Old Boy

By: Postbull - Last Upadte July 31, 2018


Most of us don’t care how our plate looks like. All we need is food and its presentation is just a treat for us. But there is a young man José who really cares about his representation and posts his creations on Instagram.

It seems as if decorating smoothie bowls is his favorite work. He has made so many smoothie bowls which can make anyone drool.

Jose talent is not limited to smoothie bowls he has made much other food art which will leave you awestruck.


He is a vegan and all his creations are Pure vegetarian.

No unicorn was harm to create this beauty.

I have no idea how all the food art is made but I want to have a gigantic bite of it.

Have a look at these Piggy Smoothies. Aren’t they cute?

Jose has made these incredible toast too which look extremely delicious.

All the food art is so beautiful that I feel like preserving their beauty rather than eating.

Give him a follow on  Instagram if you like her art.


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