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5 Kitchen Hacks to help you make cooking Easier

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While cooking our most of the time is consumed by cutting veggies or maintaining things. Here we’ve 10 Kitchen hacks to help you simplify your cooking method.

Cut corn with a Bundt pan

To remove cob quickly, stand the cob in the middle of the Bundt Pan. grab the top of the cob tightly and stroke the knife downwards by its side to remove kernels. It will make the process easier and less mess will be created.

Skip the pasta rinse

Rising noodles or pasta removes the natural starch and the flavor. The natural starch makes the sauce stick to the pasta. I would suggest you save pasta water to use in the sauce while spread the drained pasta in the Pan to cool.

Keep counters clean with a baking sheet

Place all the ingredients on the baking sheet beforehand so that you don’t have to hunt for items while cooking. You’ll save time and things will be less messed up.

Use Salt for easier hard-boiled eggs

Do you want you eggshell to come off in big pieces rather than small pieces? We have a solution. Add a teaspoon of salt to the cooking water before putting eggs in it.

Peel Garlic within 10 seconds

All you need to do is keep the bulb of the garlic on kitchen board and press it from the tip so that all the pieces get separated. Now, keep the pieces in a box and closed the lid. Shake it for 10 seconds and you’ll get peeled off garlic without any use of knife or hands.

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