Have you ever been in love or you just broke up? When we break up with our beloved we notice couples and what crazy things they do. Even though you might’ve done the same but now these things seem worthless. Actually, it's not your fault. That’s how our mind works. Sometimes we aren’t sure about our feelings and get confused between two words- Love or Attraction.

Here are a few things that help you know you’re in love:

  • Do you plan the surprise for your beloved? Yes, we all do and their happiness becomes our sole aim. People who are in love have the intention to always bring on the face of their lover.

  • No matter what you always get time to recall love moments and keep musing about them to yourself. Day’s first and last thought is about your beloved.

  • One can never cease blushing while texting or talking on the call. Their silly jokes seem super funny to you. You want to talk to them all day.

  • Listening to music doesn't remain only listening rather it becomes understanding the lyrics and feeling relatable. Sometimes people do learn the lyrics to dedicate.

  • Irrespective of how are you feeling, he/she is the first one you want to share your thought. People do learn the things they want to share with them.

  • Passing by a store which has his/her name ultimately brings a smile to your face.

  • We become a writer. No matter how much you write in exams but you will never fell short of words for them.

  • Long walks feel like a 10 step walk as you enjoy spending time with them.

  • Sometimes you go crazy that you start dancing and singing by yourself.

Love is MAGICAL.