Who isn’t afraid of rejection? If you're wondering whether a girl likes you or not. Let’s discuss 8 hidden Signs She Likes you and guess whether she has her eyes on you or not.

Let’s understand the mysterious girl you want to date. Here we go.

She tries to make conversations

If a girl likes you then she’ll try to break the ice and will be eager to make conversations. She’ll stay engaged once she gets comfortable.

She will laugh with you

If a girl has her eyes on you then she’ll laugh at the conversation. Don’t get confused she isn’t laughing at you but with you. Belly laughs are better than giggles. Laughing together will add to the moment.

She steals a glimpse of you

If a girl is secretly crushing on you then she'll try to steal a glimpse of you and move away her eyes whenever you catch her. A girl is afraid to be caught gazing at a guy she likes. Try to notice if her eyes are dilated or not. It's scientifically proven that a person looks at some he/she likes then the size of the pupil increase during that time.

She keeps touching you “Accidentally”

If a girl taps on your arms or leg often while talking or brushes off your shirt that means she is giving you a signal that she adores you. Try to make it casual however it is not.

She’ll feel envy when you flirt with other girls

If you are hitting on other girls in her presence then either she’ll react openly or may get away from there as she can’t tolerate it. That’s a hidden sign too.

She develops an interest in your interests

If a girl starts watching your favorite sports with you or listen to your favorite music then chances are she’s into you. No girl will watch a TV show or listen to music which she doesn’t like which means that’s a clue for you.

She plays with her hair around you

If a girl admires you then you can notice her playing with hair, it might be a sign of nervousness.

She keeps hinting she’s Single

If she is talking about her breakup or discussing that she was the only one without a date when she went on a movie with her friends she’s dropping hints that she’s single and wants you to ask her out.

Notice these signs and ask her out. It's always about making a move. Rather than crying later that you didn’t give your best. GO, get her. Good Luck!