In the present times, as we all know kids often want to sit in front of the TV but it is very difficult to keep them away from it. The children who watch TV and cartoons a lot sometimes get an imperfect impression of the world. Spending long hours in front of the TV and watching cartoons can be disadvantageous in various ways i.e., it curtail the creativity of children.

Effective Ways to Limit Your Child's Exposure to TV

Limit TV Time

It is very important for parents to set the time that your child spends in front of the tube. To limit TV time, you have to explain some positive points. Motivate them to play outdoor games. Although you can be generous on weekends by giving them some time to watch TV.

Being Selective

You can also set up some ground rules about what your child can watch on TV and how long. You can also find family-friendly programming for your child to watch. If your child wants to watch any movie then first check its reviews and share with them.

Set an Example & Follow

If you don't set an example yourself then you can't set limits on your child. So, explain to your child to give up TV time so that you can spend quality time with family. If possible follow through with what you have told your children as your child will learn from you.

Get out of the House

You can also encourage your child to go cycling around the locality as it is safe. You can also take your child outdoors for a small walk or even to the nearest park to enjoy the environment. Once your child gets exhausted, he/she will not indulge in other activities and hence will go to bed directly.

Taking up a Hobby

You can get your child to take up hobbies like dancing, singing, painting etc. You can also draw a schedule so that your child will give more time to hobbies and less time in front of the television.

Organise Playdates

If you want to keep your child away from the TV then you have to make some efforts by investing your time. Involve your entire family and play games on the weekends so that your child can understand the value of family and enjoy playing.

Getting Creative Indoors

You can arrange indoor activities to keep your child occupied. You can bake a cake with your child, paint the pots in your garden, arrange indoor camping session. You can also get an electromagnetic kit for making different things and this idea will get them to be as creative.

Escape into the World of Books

Books are one of the best alternatives for TV as they provide a means for your child to escape into a different world. You can choose a book that your child likes the most and gradually develop the habit of reading books.

You can follow these set of rules to any screen other than TV like mobile phones, laptops.