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create a beautiful fabric, home made decoration ideas for walls

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Decorate your home by using waste materials

There are many ways to decorate your home but why to spend money on buying decorative pieces when you can yourself make attractive things by using waste materials. To decorate your home with recycled materials, a little creativity, craftiness and some time is needed. We are suggesting you a few things that you can transform into something beautiful by using your creative streak.

Empty glass bottles

In our house, there are bottles of different kinds such as soft drinks, liquors, old cans etc. Well, you can use empty bottles as flower vases and soap dispensers. You can also paint empty glass bottles and use them as a bunch of hanging pendant lights. If you have plastic bottles then cut their base and use the bottom of the bottle as planters. You can place those decorated bottles on the window or even hang them on the porch in a bunch.

Light bulbs

You can use old traditional bulbs to decorate your home. For this, you have to remove the filament from the bulb and then use a glass frame as a planter. Now place the small stems of flowers and hang the bulb in a pendant style.

Mason jars

We all have mason jars at our home that are thick, transparent and come with a screw lid. Instead of throwing them out, you can convert them into a decorative piece. Just paint the outer wall of the jar without leaving a blank shape of a heart. After this, keep a small candle inside the jar and let the light shine through the heart shape. Try this once, it will get be fairytale look to your room.

Make flowers decoration

In every house, a lot of waste papers are present. If you are thinking about throwing them out the immediately drop this idea. By using papers, you can make beautiful flowers and add color to your surroundings. For this, you have to take some waste cardboard papers and then cut out a wide strip from papers. After this, fold the strip and center and stick the edges in such a way that they form the shape of the petal. Just attach five petals to the center and glue them in such a way that they make the shape of paper. With the help of tape, attach these flowers on the wall and make an attractive wall art.

Rugs from old clothes

You can turn out old clothes into the beautiful rug at your home. For this, you have to make strips from old clothes. Then take a quilting fabric and make the bottom of the rug. After this, you have to attach the fabric to the quilting base by them using a thread. Now, just place the rug on your floor and give your room an expensive look.

Well, you can use these tips as a reference but if you are a creative person then it's up to you how you are giving waste things a new look. So, spend some time decorating your home and leave all visitors well impressed.

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