11 people of a family found hanging: a mass-suicide or a planned murder

11 People Of A Family Found Hanging: A Mass-suicide Or A Planned Murder

A news has been spreading like wildfire. 11 members of a family hanged themselves in North Delhi, Burari on Sunday morning. Though it is still a mystery, their relatives have refused to accept that the family has committed suicide as they had no such reason to do so.

Burari Family

The clues found by police says a different story altogether. Unusual pattern of pipes is found on the wall. Out of which four pipes were straight while seven were bent. People suspected that it is symbolic of some occult practices that were carried out in the house. 4 straight pipes are symbolic of 4 males in the family and 7 bent pipes represent 7 women of the family. One bent pipe is far from all others, it's near the floor where Narayani Devi, 77-year-old lady of the family who was found dead, used to live.

11 Pipes

When police questioned the contractor who has been renovating that house from past 3 months and the servant said that Lalit wanted these pipes. When the contractor, Karampal suggested that instead windows should be made Lalit ordered him to install PVC pipes. Karampal told that the family owned him 1 lakh rupees.

2 dairies are found in the temple of the house in which everything is mention from feeding food to tying hands to hanging. And the family has died in the same exact position. A ritual was performed before the suicide and its mentioned too in the dairy that the one who is old and can’t climb the stool should perform the ‘Havan’. Pratibha, the widowed sister of Lalit to hang near the temple’s chaukhat - everything is mentioned in the dairies.

The family has the specific timetable for each activity. Local people revealed their timetable. The general store used to get open at 5.30am daily when the milk vendor used to bring supplies. Brothers, Lalit and Bhavnesh, would then visit the local temple with their wives. Their sons, students of Class IX, would catch the school bus at 7.30am. The plywood shop would be opened by the maid, Ram Vilas at 9 am. Narayani Devi's niece, Priyanka, would leave for her office at Sector 127 in Noida around the same time in a cab. Before leaving, she would write a positive thought for the day on a wall on the terrace. At 9.30am, the remaining family members used to pray for at least 30 minutes. Later, Pratibha would attend to her first batch of tuition students.

Neighbors informed that Narayani Devi remained in her room as she could not climb the stairs. The family had a common kitchen where both Tina and Savita, the wives of Bhavesh and Lalit would prepare the meals.

The diary entry started in 2015 and after that, there is a huge gap but from January 2018 the dairy has been frequent which means his condition might have worsened. The diary found in the temple has notes mentioning  'Salvation', 'Badh Tapasya', 'Shunya'. Lalit has been writing ‘directions’ and family seems to follow it blindly. It seems that as if Lalit has been hallucinating and giving directions to the family through him. His father died 10 years ago and Lalit lost his voice in an injury.

Burari Family

The pet dog of the family was found chained suffering from fever, 108 degrees. he has been saved rescued by a Noida based animal rights activist. the dog was aggressive and furious to the rescue team. Apart from fever the dog had a skin infection.

Burari Dog

Lalit might have been suffering from Paranoia as the clue suggests. In the case of ‘mass suicide’ one becomes the leader while others follow. The post-mortem was done of the bodies and it clearly shows that the cause of death is hanging while the samples have been forwarded for forensic examination to check if there are poison traces or not.

Police have filed the report as a murder case. Relatives and Karni Sena, who created chaos during the release of the movie, ‘PADMAVATI’ has demanded CBI investigation.

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