Why are relationships so complicated?

The reason is simply that it includes two different person who has different choices, taste, lifestyle and thinking. Rather than accepting the other one we try to shape them in our style which makes it complicated.

Here are 10 tips to Make your Relationship stronger:

Its okay to have a different opinion

A relationship is a involvement of completely two different people. There’ll be many situations when your partner will disagree with you but that doesn’t mean you should get upset on that. Rather learn to accept a different point of view. If you like to eat doesn’t mean everyone does. Don’t try to change them.

Trust and Forgiveness

Trust is the backbone of every relationship. Spying on your partner or considering their every truth a lie may end your relationship soon. Trust your partner and when they hurt you try to talk and forgive.

Be Real

Don’t try to fake in front of them. Honesty and openness are really important for a long-lasting relationship. Your partner should be aware of your choice, your fear, your strength and your passion. The more you conceal the more they’ll get tired of guessing and eventually relationship will come to an end.

Learn to say NO

A lot of people turn into a people pleaser but the reality is you can’t please everyone. If your partner wants to go to watch a football match and you’ve no interest in that tell them directly and stand for yourself. Your beloved will understand your choice and respect it.

Discuss what’s Right and what’s Wrong

Praising whatever is impeccable in your partner is pretty awesome but not discussing what bothers you worsens the situation. Don’t pretend it’s okay when it's not. It may hurt them at the moment but after a few moments, they’ll realize how do you feel.

Let bygones be bygones

Stop bringing the same old conflict in every conversation. Don’t open the old wounds that would create negativity and your partner would be irritating of being accused of the conflict which happened in the past.

Love your Partner even in the Bad Mood

If you had a bad day and you’re in a bad mood then don’t take it out on your partner. Either find a solution and calm yourself before you meet them or try to make them your emotional support. If the reason behind your bad mood is your partner then don’t be much rude. If he/she is trying to make efforts then you should push yourself too.

Show Affection Daily

Make affection for your daily routine. Don’t let your partner ever feel that you’ve lost interest in them. Don’t act like an “old couple” dress up go out on a date, kiss randomly, hold hands, go out for candlelight dinner. No matter you’re married or headed towards that, your spark should never die.

Accept the qualities you don’t like

Do you partner has a bad taste in music? Don’t feel irritate or try to put your partner down. Try to handle it with affection or humor. Accept them as a whole.

Be Best Friends

A romantic partner should be the one with whom you want to spend time whenever you get a chance. Someone with whom you can be original and share everything. He/she should be someone with whom you want to do everything you would do with your best friend.