We all know the tradition of touching feet of our elder but have you ever thought why do we do so? This is gesture widely known in the country like India to show respect to elders. When we touch our elder’s feet, they bless us by keeping their hand on or over our head. Let’s learn why touching feet is a tradition?

In India, its the prime gesture of showing respect to our elders but few people around us do oppose and argue that there could be different ways to give respect. But here are the reasons Why touching feet is a tradition?

Feet are like a Base of a Building.

We all living creature except birds and some rare species are blessed to have feet and with the help of them, we can stand and walk. Just like the base of a building, feet are base of the human body as our whole weight is tolerated by them.

Ask for one's wisdom and pay respect to their experiences.

When we bend and touch feet of our elders we lose the ego and pays respect to their age, experiences, and struggle. In return, they bless us with their kind words for our enhancement.

Atharvaveda Logic

According to the Hindu Veda, Atharva Veda when we touch feet we take permission of our elder to pass on their knowledge to the future generation.

The flow of Positive energy

When we touch the feet of an elder a flow of positive energy is happens which travels from their feet to our hand. And when the blesser keeps their hand on the head another similar flow is developed.