India’s PM Narendra Modi is the person who is well known for his power all over the world. This time BJP Government hoisting apex under his leadership. After entering politics, he had taken many big decisions and this results that he has many of the enemies over the globe.

Usually, for PM Modi’s safety, the best NSG Commandos are always there and wherever he goes, he uses BMW series 7 special car. But on this 15th August, something happened that each and every person could not believe his eyes.

Actually, when PM Modi came to address the people, everyone is watching him. This time PM Modi had rejected his BMW car and chosen Range Rover car of Tata Motors. Yes, he came in a black Range Rover car and went in the same car.

When he was going, then after some distance he stopped and get off the car. He met with the children who came for the rehearsal and then returned back. Let us tell you PM Modi and his convoy’s cars are bulletproof and these are covered by SPG commando all over the area.