Social media platforms and chatting applications have changed the way we communicate and interact. Not so long ago, when sending messages to your friends and family was a painful task. Creating a message and sending it via Short Messaging Services (SMS) is thankfully a thing of past. In the present day, we have a wide variety of software applications as well as online messaging applications which make connecting to your near and dear ones very easy. Now, we not only can interact via messaging but make use of other different facilities too.

Chatting applications for connecting people

Sending videos, voice messages, photos, and doc files all can be done with just a click on your smartphone. The modern-day chatting application has made a world a smaller place. You can make a voice calls, video calls and even send important files and documents using these applications. In this article, I will discuss some of the most famous and widely used chatting applications around the world. All these platforms try to provide users with complete experience to maintain its user base. New changes are added every now and then. Let us see what different chat applications provide you with.


Whatsapp is unarguably the most prominent player in the race of favourite chat applications. The chat service boasts of a user base of over a billion people. That staggering number might give you an idea about the popularity of these applications. Almost every android phone has it as default messaging applications in their android phones. The applications provide a plethora of services which keep its user base hooked an intact. People can make use of this application for any time messaging to your contacts. You can send voice notes, voice calls, video calls and much more. It's a complete package for everything of your daily needs. You can also send media files, documents, pdf, photos and music files too. So, obviously, it is the go-to option for the majority of the Android user population.


Popular messaging application Viber is also a very dominant player among the chatting applications. Recently, it also ventured and extended its services for Windows 10 and Linux. The popular application was among the very first to introduce the free call service to other Viber users irrespective of their geographical location. The Viber provides HD quality call services, messaging service, media sharing options and thus very popular among the users. The application searches your contacts and instantly added call facilities for any other Viber user among your contacts.


The line is a Chinese company which has ventured its services to different countries of the world. The Line messaging application provides call facilities messaging along with a social media based gaming experience to add to the user experience on the messaging application. The application has a wide range of services which include instant messaging between the users of the application, HD call facilities to make calls anywhere around the globe to a phone with line application. You can also make use of the video call facilities. The gaming services on social media is an added bonus. You can also add fun to your messaging with customized stickers and emojis. The Line is absolutely free to use and can be downloaded easily from the play store. It has also launched its application for Windows and Mac OS devices.


Telegram is a cloud-based messaging and chatting services which is known for its secure transaction of messages. The application provides all the required facilities to make it a favourite among the users. You can chat securely on this chatting application without worrying about your privacy concerns. You can make voice calls to any other Telegram user around the globe with a good internet connection. The application also has great facilities to send large files and documents in bulk. The security and cloud storage is for sure an added bonus which attracts millions of users to their service.


Wechat is another Chinese based messaging application which caters its service for the people around the globe. The messaging application is deeply rooted in the Chinese chatting service provider and almost everyone in China uses it. The main reason for such a huge popularity is because of the Chinese government's strict controlled internet laws which forbid the use of WhatsApp like application. WeChat like many other top players of the competition provides good messaging services along with the facility to make voice as well as video calls on the internet. However, in China WeChat works as an all-in-one application. People use Wechat as virtual identification. All your data gets synced with this application even your bank accounts. You can chat, call, book a cab, order food and every possible thing over the internet one can do. So you can imagine how deeply it has been rooted in Chinese culture.

You can be using any of these applications in your daily life, all of these provide some finest user experience and services. You can understand the impact of these applications on our lives when these applications get down for a few hours due to technical issues. Every social media platforms start buzzing with the news and even an hours absence make you feel restless. In the near future, these applications will become even more integrated into our lives, just like the We Chat application is doing in China.