A 12-year-old boy from Uttar Pradesh is suffering from an unknown disease which made his hands 12 inches long. He has been shunned by his friends as they think he is cursed. He was refused admission in any nearby schools in his area fearing his abnormal looking hands will cause panic among other kids.

According to his family, 12-year-old Tarik can’t do his day to day chores on his own and need help in even dressing up. The villagers have labelled him a “devil’ and think he is cursed.



This is why he has to work in a small tea stall instead of going to school.

His aunt Pushpa, says: “Since birth his hands were big and it got even bigger as he grew up. When his father was alive he took him to different local doctors but they could not determine the cause of his disease.”



Tarik’s older brother Hargyan now looks after his requirement and help him in his daily chores.

The condition which is not diagnosed by doctors made his hand 12 inches long. Sadly this has resulted in Tarik being bullied by his neighbours and friends in the village.

Tarik says “ I had few friends earlier but now I don’t have any. People are scared of my hands and even schools won’t let me in”

The family of Tarik is really poor and can’t afford to put him in a hospital for the treatment but Tarik has a belief that one day his disease will be cured and he will be able to do things the normal way.

On a recent visit to the village, Dr.Pawan Kumar Gandhi said: “ Tarik’s problem is a mystery to us, we have never encountered anything like this before.”