When it comes to uploading a picture, we keep scrolling the gallery still can’t find the perfect one. Clicking a perfect selfies needs many factors like lightning setting and perfect angle. Go to the gallery right now and check out how many perfect selfies you’ve clicked.

Here are 10 ways to click take a perfect selfie:


Lightning is the major factor in selfe-ing. Rather than turning to Tv or computer screen light prefer natural light. Walk to a window and or you can simply go outside take advantage of natural lighting which is free of cost. It also makes your dark circle and shadow disappear.

If you want to shoot inside then opt for a window from which sunlight is coming. You can hit a white paper underneath your chin so that the light bounces back and give you a glowing look. It also reduces the double chin effect.

Avoid Shadows

Nothing can be worse than a shadow on your face. It may make you face you dull and also the shadow may look like your dark circles. The best time to click a picture is during sunrise or sunset when the light is low and most beautiful.

Smile like you mean it

Don’t fake a smile in front of the camera. A natural smile makes the picture way too beautiful. If you want a slightly serious selfie then put on a tiara and try to smile with eyes. Try practicing smile in front of the mirror and hang on when you find it.

Take Selfies in Bulk

Yes, take a lot of selfies. Taking selfies in huge amount will help you select the better one from the variety. Change the position of your and angel of the camera while clicking. Don’t forget your camera is focused while clicking. You can also start posing and make a video and the freeze a frame with the best selfie. It may sound silly but pours out best selfies.

Play to you angels

Never take selfies from under your chin. Keep the camera upwards which can level up so that your eyes and chin come in level. You can also use selfie sticks which are ridiculous except one that they hold the camera high up.

Don’t stare directly into the camera turn a bit. Don't turn fully, slight change will work.

Don’t Over- edit

In the world of Instagram, everyone edits the picture and there’s nothing bad in doing so as you can highlight your features. Just don’t overdo it that the picture looks unnatural.

Use the Right app and filter

Valencia is an amazing Instagram filter. Choose the app which edits the picture and don’t make it look unreal.


The best selfies have the interesting backgrounds. If you’re casually selfe-ing then choose a clear natural background. Beware of photobomber.

Don’t Overthink

You don’t need to take an hour to makeup and to select to pose then you’re not doing it right. Keep it natural. The best poses are those that come out naturally.

Embrace Natural Expression

Before clicking keep your eyes closed and open your eyes when you click. The fresh look makes the picture more beautiful. Don’t panic just keep on clicking.